These are all costumes made as entries for convention costume competitions - most of them
competition winners. First is “Governor Worf”, based on Worf’s outfit in the last Next Generation episode “All Good Things”. The next is a Romulan Tribune - a costume we design ourselves, with helmet based on the idea of the Romulan “bird of prey” symbol. Then there is a batch of Babylon 5 outfits - A Ranger, Ambassador Kosh (alongside a certain Mr Bruce Boxleitner) , a Techno-Mage, and two Minbari - a Female “Grey Councillor” and a member of the warrior caste.

“Sheridan” & “Delenn“ were made for a B5 themed wedding that was held at a convention in 2000. We have made various outfits for several weddings - Science fiction and medieval themed - including the two shown here

“Moogy was another
convention competition winner.

”The Mask“ was a special order for a fancy dress party.

Just a couple more shots of Kosh and his evil twin

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