In our Treasury, you will find a wide range of

metalware to adorn your costume - or even wear in the Mundane world.

We have Buckles, Cloak brooches, and Torcs in brass and pewter, white metal pendants, and a range of Celtic / Gothic style jewellery in silver and amber

Our latest find is a sterling silver Elven Lover's Ring, inscribed with a poem in elvish script, and replicas of the Rings of power,

from the Lord of the Rings movies

We also have a new range of historical and

fantasy pewter figurines


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Cloak Brooches

Penannular (Ring) brooches --- Brass (A, B & C) -- £12 Pewter (D & E) -- £15

Dragon brooch (Brass) F -- £12


Brass Anglo-saxon style buckles

Large - £15 (with belt £20)

Small - £8 (with belt £13)

Pewter buckles - £15 each (with belt £20)

When ordering buckles with belts please state waist size

Torcs --five designs, twisted copper with pewter terminals -- £35 each

Elven Lover’s Ring

Available in a full range of ring sizes,

the inscription on this sterling silver ring reads :-

"One ring to show our love, One ring to bind us,

One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us"

Elven Ring - £18-00

And we now have available replicas of the One Ring, and a limited number of other Rings of Power


A range of pewter figurines of historical and fantasy characters

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