This is our basic range of costume items - including shirts tunics, cloaks etc.

If you are looking for a costume that is not listed here, if you want something making in a specific material (I.e. Velvet or silk) or if you have an idea for a costume of your own design, we would be happy to give you a quote


Tunics - A basic costume item from

Dark Age to early Medieval.

Short sleeved tunic - £25

Long sleeved tunic - £30

Simple shirt with elasticated cuffs - £35

Doublet - Heavy cotton or wool suiting, buttoned front - £85

Velvet Doublet - fully lined, buttoned front,

From £150 - Can be made with plain sleeves, puffed or slashed sleeves etc.

Robe - All-purpose wizard/priest type outfit

Without hood - £65

With hood - £70

Full length cloak, fitted on shoulders,

Leather strap & buckle fastening

Unlined , no hood - £60

Unlined, with hood - £65

Lined, no hood - £80

Lined, with hood - £90

Full length wool cloak, trimmed with fur - from £85 - £150

Price depends on size and quality of fur trim

Mage Cloak - Fully lined velvet cloak, with high wing collar - £150

Cape - Short (mid thigh-length) cloak with cord fastening

Unlined - £35

Lined - £55

Wool fabric hood with buckle fastening - £25

Leather or

Suede hood - £40

Most of the pictures here are linked to larger images -

Just click on them to see the full size version

Surcoat - A knee-length sleeveless robe, usually worn over armour as identification

Plain - £30

Decorated (with heraldic device etc. of your choice) - From £50

Hose - close fitting leggings, usually worn with a doublet - £55

Breeches - Loose fitting trousers with drawstring waist - £45

17th/18th century fall front breeches - close fitted knee breeches, buttoned at the knee - £100

Chemise - Loose dress with gathered neckline & sleeves

- £45

Bodice - £55

Elizabethan style dress -

Chemise, petticoat, velvet overskirt, bodice & sleeves


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