Warrior or Mage, Healer or Scout - Whatever your character, we can help you bring it to life, with costume, armour, and a myriad of artifacts both mundane and arcane, hand-crafted and designed specifically to suit your character

If there is anything you need that we donít have , itís because you havenít asked us yet!

Costumes, weapons & props for Live Role-Play.

Leathergoods a speciality, including handmade boots & shoes.

Masks, prosthetic Make-up & puppets

Welcome to Hightower Crafts. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary in costume or props, then take a look through these pages. For more than fifteen years now, we have been producing a wide range of clothing and accessories for live action role playing (LARP ) groups, historical re-enactments, and science fiction / Star Trek fans, as well as for stage & TV., and recently film. With this amount of experience under our belts, we like to think we can cope with most requests, however unusual.

In these pages, we have included our basic range of LRP costume &armour;, as well as some pictures of some of the more unusual things we have made.

If you are looking for anything special that is not included here, we would be happy to give you a free quote.

You can Email us here, or write to us at our snail-mail address - If you send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope we will send you a paper catalogue - You will find much more on this site than in the catalogue, but itís something you can keep handy without having to log on


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United Kingdom

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In the MENAGERIE you will find all kinds of fantastical creatures ---You can adopt a dragon from our own captive breeding programme, or transform yourself into an elf, goblin or troll with our range of full face masks & prosthetic make-up pieces

In the TREASURYwe have a wide range of metalware --- Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval style buckles, cloak brooches and torcs in brass and pewter, white metal pendants , and a large selection of silver jewellery. Also, we have a range of pewter figurines of historical & fantasy characters.

Our latest find, NEW for the winter season, is a silver Elven lover's ring, inscribed with a poem in Elvish script, and now, replicas of the One Ring, and other Rings from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Take a walk through the GALLERY, and you will see a selection of costumes etc. that we have made in the past, some special orders, some costumes that we made as competition entries at various conventions, and some that just seemed like a good idea at the time

Finally, in the SCRIBEíS CHAMBER, you will find a diary of events that we will be attending during the year, a few links to various sites that you might find interesting, and all the information that you will need order goods, including charts of the various measurements needed for ordering costumes.

In the ARMOURY, We have a wide range of leather armour - designed for male or female characters :- Body armour, Helmets, Vambraces, Greaves,

We can also now supply Chainmail. shirts and coifs, and we are making a range of helmets with aluminium and steel bowls.

Although we are discontinuing production of LRP weapons, we now have a range of fantasy style and Elven bows, and we are also now carrying the "Lord of the Rings" movie replica swords - Sting, Glamdring etc.

LEATHERGOODS -- We make all kind of leathergoods, from basic belts, bags and pouches to leather clothing; We specialize in hand-made boots and shoes ; For the warrior we have scabbards and quivers ; Spellbooks for the mages amongst you ; We are also now making Medieval saddles, based on a modified western saddle tree, and working on designs for a medieval style saddle cover, which would fit over a normal English saddle.

Entrance Hall - Wardrobe - Armoury - Leathergoods - Menagerie - Treasury - Gallery - Scribeís Chamber

As you explore the levels of the tower, you will find many things of interest in the different rooms :-

In the WARDROBE you will find costume of various styles --- We

specialize in Dark Age/Medieval, Fantasy & Science Fiction costume -

in addition to the basic stock items that we produce, we welcome

commissions for individual costume, either to your own design, or we will

design a costume for you to suit your character.

We can also now supply COSTUME PATTERNS. Petty Chapman's

patterns are re-enactment costume patterns, based on historical

examples, covering a wide range from Viking to the 19th Century. Simplicity patterns are commercially produced patterns, mainly female, for

medieval and renaissance style costumes

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